Welcome to P & H Printing, Etc.!!! 

P (Passion) and H (Honor) Printing, Etc. is more than your average print shop. We take pride in looking at the whole picture when it comes to your request. We now offer design, marketing and business consulting to help your business flourish. So beyond that business card, we wonder if you have a business plan to make sure your on track.

What about a logo with a catchy slogan, a signature color or font? Do your brochures or web site for that matter have the right info? Is a newsletter good for your business? How about a phone call to reach your target audience or should you be on our Table Tops?

The new ownership is excited to bring a list of expanding services such as business plans with full marketing plans, strategic assessments, financial analysis, web site design, POS ads, billboards, rapid reach phone messages, mailing services, photo restoration, posters of any size, an expansive list of specialty items.