Our team of professionals is with you every step of the way when it comes to promoting your image. We each bring our own strengths to P&H, sort of divisions of expertise within the company.

Becky: Vision Quest. The strategist. Becky has a Master's in Public Affairs with a double major in Communications and Biology. A manager with Johnson & Johnson for eight years Becky developed business plans to ultimately accomplish goals. She is available for consultation to solidify your ideas to grow your business.

The Fab Five: Divine Design. With a combined education and experience of 20yrs. our graphics team can figure it out. They are familiar with Office, Adobe, Corel, Quark as well as other graphics programs and will go the extra distance to make you happy.

Dean: Dynamite Impressions. The printer. Dean has been printing for over 20 years and really takes pride in his work-- consistent, accurate, and delivered on time. He has a keen sense for what appeals to the eye and is willing to work with you to get it right.